Dynamic focus CO2 Laser Marking Machine

Dynamic CO2 Laser Marking Machine is widely suitable for theindustries, such as Heat Transfer film (paillette, TPU materials, Reflectivetransfer film, etc.), leather, wooden box, paper card, clothes denim, illuminator,Mobile communications, mould, precision machinery, IT Digital shell, Militaryaviation components, handicrafts, Advertisement decoration, etc.



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Basic Info.

1. The three dimension focus system make the machine has bigger working area and finer optical spot diameter. The maximum marking area of the customized system can reach  2mX 2m.

2.It has smaller focusing spot and higher energy density which are suitable for finer cutting, punching and engraving.

3.The Fully closed free-maintenance laser optical system is ready to use after installation without adjustment.

4.High precision and high speed marking/cutting performance ensure smooth sharp cutting edge. The processing result is more average, without too high or too low energy injected in partial area.

5.The system is designed with external double-circulation industrial cooling water system, which is convenient for users to choose according to the place of use and conducive to the protection of work environment. The whole machine runs more stable and has lower power consumption.

6.Strict multi-protection control design is applicable to a wide range of ambient temperatures ensuring the continuous reliable work of the laser marking system.

7.The application system under Windows interface can be compatible with the file formats of AutoCAD, CorelDraw and other software, such as PLT, DXF, etc.

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